Thursday, August 11, 2011

tween boy room redo

Here was the sad sad before. My boy has been neglected. Ruffles and daybeds are just a little more fun. It's his time now. He's not a little boy anymore. Time for the little boy toys and dress-up box to take a hike.
Thank-goodness for evolution. I was so proud of that little "T" on the wall back then. pitiful.
He went out one weekend with his dad on a camp out. I had been gathering items for several weeks in preparation. I had even made a little idea board. I'm such a wanna-be!
I wanted a combo of his two favorite things right now. Football and guitar. I love that it all came together. . . and on a budget. The paint came first, then two flat sheets were sewn together to make a duvet cover for the old green comforter.
I love the clean lines of subway signs. The canvas was purchased at Michaels on a smokin' sale. 15.00 for a 40-dollar canvas. Some people have fancy schmancy cricuts and such. I do it old school. How 'bout a paper stencil and an exacto knife. It works for me.
I made the stencil in photoshop and printed it out to the right size on several different sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Then I taped the papers together in sets of two to span the width of the canvas. I told you I was old-school.
A little bit tedious. A lot pleased with the results.
I found the little chair at Goodwill 1/2 off day. 99 cents. 2 coats of krylon paint. The globe and Battleship were also from Goodwill. Bought long ago. Not necessarily for this room, but now they belong.
The black chair under his guitar was found at Goodwill also. 5.00. A bit of hounds tooth fabric made it as good as new.
I'll never grow tired of finding these little lego men built all over the house. Pure creativity. He has some sets. . . Harry Potter and such. He never uses them as a set. He always makes up his own little guys out of random pieces. Legos are brilliant.

The dotted sheets and the black square pillow are from Wally World. The other 2 are from Ross. Love Ross. The little yellow chevron pillow was purchased on etsy. Just imagine that you would like to sew your own little yellow chevron pillow. Now imagine yourself searching high and low for that fabric. It's out of stock every place imaginable. That's when etsy comes in handy.
The little jointed ruler came from an antique shop out in Memphis. I picked it up while visiting some friends on a little girl trip.
The shelves are from Lowes. Cheap and easy to install. Just right for all of his trophies and nick knacks. Cube photo holders are from Michaels clearance bin. The @ sign also came from Michaels.
He was so surprised when he came home from camping. He loves his room. I love it too. Mostly I love that he wants to keep it clean now.

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Heather said...

That came out great! I love it! I have twin boys who are nine and I can just imagine them thinking this room would be their dream as they get older! I especially love the idea of using the folding ruler to hold pics and cards. So creative!

Kate @ The Gaines Gang said...

what a great room! My little man has been asking for a room redo. This has given me some great inspiration! I love how you used the ruler to display pictures. I also love the wall color.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Becca said...

Beautiful job! I'm in the process of turning my son's baseball room into a guitar/baseball combo. I'd love it if you'd link this up to my Home and Family Friday linky party!


Nicky said...

VERY COOL... I love all the details... that zig zag ruler is awesome... and I love the use of the yellow and black... very fun!

Traci said...

Great job! it turned out just like your inspiration board. I am going to attempt the sign and was wondering what size yours is?
Thanks so much!

birdsandsoap said...

I love the subway style art! I'm totally going to do something like this (but with my Cricut of course, you're nuts!) It was definitely worth all of the work you put into it, Love it!

Judy said...

I saw you over at Finding Fabulous and had to come and check out the post. I love what you did with your son's room. I am now your latest follower. I host a link party that opens tonight at 8pm EST. I'd love for you to drop by and join in the fun.

Jen Kesler said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing!!

Janet said...

Wow Kayleen! What a great boys room and an awesome surprise! I really love the colors you chose and you did an amazing job on the subway art! I've got two boys rooms to decorate, thanks for the inspiration. :)

The Cannary's said...

I love the color scheme in here - both relaxing and fun! I'm doing a similar room re-do for my 16 year old next week....gonna scour the local Sally Ann and Goodwill, too!

lemondropdreams said...

I love the football canvas, I may have the perfect room for it!

Carli said...

Great Space! I just started a tween room project for my son, gray must be the color this year for boys! Really like the pops of yellow with the chevron pillow. Thanks for th inspiration-my son is into Pokemon so the yellow chevron would be a nice touch!

Natalie said...

Found you via Pinterest.. Love this room. It's so hard to find boys' room inspiration. Girls? No problem. Boys? Not so much.

And I love that you found the ruler in Memphis b/c that's where I am : )