Friday, August 2, 2013

Tween room update

Not that anything was wrong with the room before, 
it just needed a bit of a younger feel.  
It looked like this at the last post.
She told me she loves aqua.  Done.  Aqua is so easy to find right now.  
The periwinkle and aqua go together so nicely. 
 I finely hung the curtains.  10 bucks for two panels at Ikea.  I love that place!
I also picked up the two largest down pillow inserts there.  6 bucks each!
The spread on the end of the bed is from Home Goods.

I found the floral periwinkle fabric at our a local discount home fabrics store.  I was originally going to make curtains panels out of it, but it proved to be way too overwhelming in this little room, so I went with the pillow covers instead.  The polka dot pillow cover is made from an XXL tank top that I picked up at Walmart, of all places. I just loved the polka dots, and it was on clearance for $1.  The little pillow in the front is made from one of her old dresses that she outgrew.

I scored this huge gold frame at Goodwill on half off day.
I replaced the glass and art with a piece of pre-made chalkboard from Home Depot.

My son thinks it doesn't make sense.
I told him it makes perfect pun intended.
The saying is usually practice makes perfect, but I think that gives the wrong idea.
Sometimes practice makes the best you can be, not necessarily perfect.
So, practice makes awesome.
Much more attainable.
I've had the aqua chair and ottoman for a while now.
I use them regularly in photo shoots.
Now they have a home.

And...I finally finished the ruffles on the bed skirt!  Yay!
A labor of love for sure.  
I chopped up and ruffled a twin flat sheet from Ross and attached the ruffles to a twin bed skirt.
about $15 all together.

Later, I also found this cute little tiered stand at Ross.
$24....I'm not sure it's a great price, but I couldn't pass it up.
It's perfect for holding her little lotions and knick knacks.

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Tween girl room

There are almost 5 years between her and the little sis.
One is 9 and the other, 4,  and the 9 doesn't play with toys so much anymore.
She would clean her room before school and by afternoon, it was a mess again.
Time for her own room.
Time for the fighting to stop.
 It all started with this little nightstand.
The Golfer's G-ma left it to us when she downsized from her house to an assisted living facility.
I follwed a Pinterest tutorial for making my own chalk paint.
It came out alright in the end, but I would rather lay down the $$$ for the Annie Sloan.
I do love the color, however.
And, the chalkpaint sticks to the hardware.
I really like the monochromatic look.

 Then, I scored this beauty off of Craigslist.
This rarely happens to me.
I am usually beat to the deal.
She said there were approximately 20 people interested if I wasn't going to take it.
Are you kidding me?
You people on the east coast, in the south and in the midsouth should really appreciate your abundance of "junk."
I wrapped it up tight with tape and hung it up to paint before I realized that I didn't have a before pic.
The part that is covered is actually wood.

much better.
And, after I had handled all of that newspaper and had left it on the floor in a pile,
guess who decided to crawl on out.
I have to give myself a little credit.
I am getting much braver about stomping the little buggers.
I didn't even hesitate.

These little owls were picked up at Ross
so cute.
And they're sitting on the piano,
which will stay in her room.
We don't have anywhere else to put it in the house,
and she's the one learning to play right now anyway.

Here's what we've come up with so far.
The gold mirrors were thrifted a little at a time from Goodwill and yardsales.
I found the bed on Craigslist....another lucky find for this area.
The pillows and throw were super cheap from Steinmart on holiday sales.
There are some things I'm not crazy about, but for now, it is clean and new.
She loves it.
I still need curtains, and I would love to slit the corners and make that bedskirt all ruffley.
One thing at a time.

I found this cute little dresser at an antique mall here in the valley.
It's just the right size for the space.
I would love the end table and the dresser to match, but I can't seem to part with either color at the moment, so they'll stay this way until I can come up with a solution.

She's such a good girl.
Rolls right out of bed in the morning,
gets dressed
and hops right onto the piano.
6:30 am people.

Friday, September 14, 2012

I can't believe she's 4!  She can't believe she's 4....she keeps telling others that she is 3.  The pajama party was a huge hit.  The girls loved it, and now Paige is asking for a similar party for her 9th birthday. 



The best part was the living room tent complete with twinkling lights.
The first thing they did was find the Barbies to bring into the tent
Breakfast cupcakes...vanilla with blue frosting as requested by the 4 year old
(the bacon is fruit stripe gum,
the egg is a candy melt with an m&m in the center
the pancakes are fortune-like cookies from World Market
the syrup is real )
 Little miss here in the pink nightgown would have nothing to do with the sausage.
It all evened out.  The little one in the blue ate both portions gladly!
Beauty sleep masks... more entertaining than anything.
Fruit loop necklaces
(Don't they just look like they're engaged in the most girly converstion!)
Mom, please can we open the presents????
How can I say "not yet"  to that cute face.
AWWWW!!!   Isn't it pretty!
Little miss in pink was so proud of the gift that she cute!
 I think little miss in blue wanted to take this one back home with her!
Fort kits for party favors.

We told her that the bacon on the cupcakes was real.  Ha!
No sausage or bacon for this one.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Colonel Mustard

So FOREVER ago, I posted a bit about Colonel Mustard, my $5 Goodwill find.  He has been made over.  My intent was to do it myself.  My husband calmly and kindly convinced me to hire Miss Ginger to do it for $60.00.  He is a smart man.  Once I had gutted the Col.  I realized that putting him back together was going to be much more than I had anticipated.  $60.00 was a small price to pay.  I love the result....the professional-looking result.

I was worried about the tufting on the chevron, but it looks great.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Colonel Mustard's new look

I've had a few spare minutes on my hands. . . it's rare.  I decided to tear apart my model from the blog header above, the old yellow chair.  It's innards and bones are now taking up space in my office.  I'm afraid that this may lead to a new blog header in the not-so-distant future.  Maybe a different old chair.  I have several to choose from.

Colonel Mustard is inevitably getting a makeover. 

I think I've finally settled on the chevron stripes.  We'll see if it ends up this way. . . but the visual sure makes my day.  Hopefully this all works out.  Wish me luck.  I've never reupholstered anything this detailed.

Everything from the board is already in the room, except for the chair. . . .(insert climactic music here) DUN, DUN, DUNNN!  If that doesn't leave you with a foreboding feeling in your gut, I don't know what will.

You may never see Colonel Mustard again.