Friday, August 12, 2011

3 year old birthday party {water fun}

We had a great little party for Morgan on Saturday. Her birthday was actually on Sunday. On Sunday she was so confused when people said "happy birthday" or called to sing to her.

Saturday morning she got to go to Mabel's birthday party. They were born 4 days apart. Then in the afternoon, Mabel came to Mo's party. Pretty good trade off I'd say. She loved her water party. . . especially the crab cupcakes. tutorial found here. The other kids loved the watermelon shark. Tutorial found here. Mo was afraid of the picture of the shark online, so I tried to make mine smile. Let's just say that things could have gone better. Overall, it turned out really cute though.

watermelon sharkcrabby cupcakes - I was wishing that my sister, Marilyn could come help me save my runny butter cream. Apparently 110 degrees and butter cream don't really get along.

loving every minute of the happy birthday song.blowing out the candledevouring those yummy cupcakes

There actually were adults at the party too, but who wants to see that when you can see endless photos of cute kiddies with blue frosting faces!

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Kristy said...

I love the colors and your poms and bunting!

Jen @ Bungalov said...

Such a fun looking party. I love going all out for parties too. A lot of work but so much worth it in the end. And it makes the kiddies happy! I cannot get over those crabby cupcakes and the shark watermelon. TOO CUTE!

kimberlyann said...

Super cute party theme! I'm in the middle of planning my son's first birthday. Thanks for sharing.
Your new follower,

Anmol Garg said...

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stevenjared0853 said...

Aww! She is adorable, my daughter is also turning 3 this month and we have booked an event venue Atlanta for the celebration. Anyways, I loved the idea of the cupcakes and the watermelon shark. I am sure the kids had a blast here.