Friday, August 2, 2013

Tween room update

Not that anything was wrong with the room before, 
it just needed a bit of a younger feel.  
It looked like this at the last post.
She told me she loves aqua.  Done.  Aqua is so easy to find right now.  
The periwinkle and aqua go together so nicely. 
 I finely hung the curtains.  10 bucks for two panels at Ikea.  I love that place!
I also picked up the two largest down pillow inserts there.  6 bucks each!
The spread on the end of the bed is from Home Goods.

I found the floral periwinkle fabric at our a local discount home fabrics store.  I was originally going to make curtains panels out of it, but it proved to be way too overwhelming in this little room, so I went with the pillow covers instead.  The polka dot pillow cover is made from an XXL tank top that I picked up at Walmart, of all places. I just loved the polka dots, and it was on clearance for $1.  The little pillow in the front is made from one of her old dresses that she outgrew.

I scored this huge gold frame at Goodwill on half off day.
I replaced the glass and art with a piece of pre-made chalkboard from Home Depot.

My son thinks it doesn't make sense.
I told him it makes perfect pun intended.
The saying is usually practice makes perfect, but I think that gives the wrong idea.
Sometimes practice makes the best you can be, not necessarily perfect.
So, practice makes awesome.
Much more attainable.
I've had the aqua chair and ottoman for a while now.
I use them regularly in photo shoots.
Now they have a home.

And...I finally finished the ruffles on the bed skirt!  Yay!
A labor of love for sure.  
I chopped up and ruffled a twin flat sheet from Ross and attached the ruffles to a twin bed skirt.
about $15 all together.

Later, I also found this cute little tiered stand at Ross.
$24....I'm not sure it's a great price, but I couldn't pass it up.
It's perfect for holding her little lotions and knick knacks.

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