Friday, March 8, 2013

Tween girl room

There are almost 5 years between her and the little sis.
One is 9 and the other, 4,  and the 9 doesn't play with toys so much anymore.
She would clean her room before school and by afternoon, it was a mess again.
Time for her own room.
Time for the fighting to stop.
 It all started with this little nightstand.
The Golfer's G-ma left it to us when she downsized from her house to an assisted living facility.
I follwed a Pinterest tutorial for making my own chalk paint.
It came out alright in the end, but I would rather lay down the $$$ for the Annie Sloan.
I do love the color, however.
And, the chalkpaint sticks to the hardware.
I really like the monochromatic look.

 Then, I scored this beauty off of Craigslist.
This rarely happens to me.
I am usually beat to the deal.
She said there were approximately 20 people interested if I wasn't going to take it.
Are you kidding me?
You people on the east coast, in the south and in the midsouth should really appreciate your abundance of "junk."
I wrapped it up tight with tape and hung it up to paint before I realized that I didn't have a before pic.
The part that is covered is actually wood.

much better.
And, after I had handled all of that newspaper and had left it on the floor in a pile,
guess who decided to crawl on out.
I have to give myself a little credit.
I am getting much braver about stomping the little buggers.
I didn't even hesitate.

These little owls were picked up at Ross
so cute.
And they're sitting on the piano,
which will stay in her room.
We don't have anywhere else to put it in the house,
and she's the one learning to play right now anyway.

Here's what we've come up with so far.
The gold mirrors were thrifted a little at a time from Goodwill and yardsales.
I found the bed on Craigslist....another lucky find for this area.
The pillows and throw were super cheap from Steinmart on holiday sales.
There are some things I'm not crazy about, but for now, it is clean and new.
She loves it.
I still need curtains, and I would love to slit the corners and make that bedskirt all ruffley.
One thing at a time.

I found this cute little dresser at an antique mall here in the valley.
It's just the right size for the space.
I would love the end table and the dresser to match, but I can't seem to part with either color at the moment, so they'll stay this way until I can come up with a solution.

She's such a good girl.
Rolls right out of bed in the morning,
gets dressed
and hops right onto the piano.
6:30 am people.