Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Moms are jugglers by trade. I've been juggling for weeks now. Blogs just have to fall by the wayside when life gets crazy.

make lunches. . vacuum. . run the carpool . . throw in a load of laundry . . help with a scouting goal. . . start a school science project. . . change a diaper. . . think about dinner. . . shower and change. . . text a friend. . . play memory (and LOSE). . . take a few pictures. . . teach 3 piano lessons. . . break up a fight. . . listen to 15 minutes of reading. . . update the star chart. . . actually start fixing dinner. . . start a blog post. . . finish that load of laundry. . . scrub markers off of the 2 year old. . . clean the bathroom. . . kiss the baby. . . clean the living room. . . clean the kitchen. . . clean up the dinner. . . make the beds. . . make a grocery list. . . clip coupons. . chat with hubby about the day. . . organize coupons. . . and on and on and on.

I wouldn't know what to do if my day flowed with any kind of sane order.

It's all in order in my own chaotic brain.

Somewhere in the middle of this craziness. . . .
the Golfer and I have finally started a project together. After much coaxing, and some convincing plans from Ana at AnaWhite.com.
We priced out the beds at local furniture stores. $600-$800.00 for a twin bed with a trundle. Made of cheap composites and veneers. The floor models were trashed. That's when he caved. It may have also had something to do with the fact that this little stinker got INTO her bed all by herself. That means she'll find a way out. . . soon.

We are building the farmhouse bed with a trundle. The trundle is done. . . . it only took 2 hours to build and sand. It took me longer at the store to get all of the materials. . . all by myself. . . yup, that's right. I was nervous, but we organized before I left and when I got there. . . I actually knew what I was doing.
Now, onto the bed. I can't wait to post the finished photos.
Keep juggling. . . and smiling!