Thursday, February 16, 2012

Colonel Mustard

So FOREVER ago, I posted a bit about Colonel Mustard, my $5 Goodwill find.  He has been made over.  My intent was to do it myself.  My husband calmly and kindly convinced me to hire Miss Ginger to do it for $60.00.  He is a smart man.  Once I had gutted the Col.  I realized that putting him back together was going to be much more than I had anticipated.  $60.00 was a small price to pay.  I love the result....the professional-looking result.

I was worried about the tufting on the chevron, but it looks great.


Glenda @ Magnolia Bend Drive said...

Oh honey.... my goodness, The Colonel Mustard is so handsome now with his chevron suit on.

If your Miss Ginger work for only $60 dolla-no-holla, I could afford to fly her here to do a few pieces for me.

Connie said...

Looks fab!

Invest Antiques said...

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Patricia said...

Looks really good. Love the mix up of the modern pattern with the old looking style of the chair.

well accomplished!

strat said...

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audrey bawden said...

can you give me Miss Ginger's number?
thank you

Alex Bond said...

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