Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Apothecary Media Console

We've been working on another one of Ana White's amazing plans. The Apothecary Media Console. I originally wanted it in green, but after the amount of work that I forsaw with the painting, I went with a safe antique white. I don't regret it. It's a lot easier to change accessories than to repaint a massive piece like this.

The Golfer modified it to fit our needs. It's longer than Ana's plan and the center cubby in the top is wider to accomodate a sound bar in the future. Also, we went with 4 cupboard all the way across, mostly because he didn't want to tackle drawers. He used wood and mdf. I love that the top portion is hardwood so that we had the option to stain where the baskets and sound bar will go. The top is made of 4 beams stained to match the interior.

I painted the outside with white paint that matches our baseboards. The glaze made it look a little more creamy.

The faux drawer fronts were painted, then lightly sanded. . . this process repeated twice and then twice more with the polycrylic. They're as smooth as butter!

Take a look at the pb version, then ours. Can you tell the difference? I can't.


Connie said...

Wow, you guys are amazing. Time to start your own business, no? :)

Glenda @ Magnolia Bend Drive said...

You and that golfer are good. I think the entire piece is like butta!

Anonymous said...

I desperately need to know *exactly* what you did to get this gorgeous finish! I'm having a serious case of the "I really really need one of these for myself". Thanks for sharing this amazing project.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kayleen,

My husband and I are just starting to procure the materials to build this console. What species of "hardwood" did you use for the top (the 4 beams)?



Cindy said...

This is a great piece...you guys did awesome making that cabinet....don't you love how much money you saved??? such a feeling of accomplishment...oh and i love your "softest blanket ever"!! how long did it take you to do it???

hugs, cindy

Kayleen said...

Thanks for all of the nice comments. To find out more about the specifics of the finish and products used you can visit ana-white.com and search apothecary in the brag posts. Ours should come up.


Leslie Owens said...

We too are building this piece from the ana white website. I looked at your brag post and love the colors you used! Do you mind telling me the process you took in painting and glazing and finishing?
I wasn't sure with the instructions on your post exactly how to do it.

Thanks so much for your time and yall did an awesome job on your console : )

Leslie Owens
Houston, TX

Kayleen said...

I painted with a sponge roller and sanded in between each coat until smooth with fine grit paper. 2 coats. Then I distressed the edges and applied the glaze to the distressed edges with a small paintbrush, wiping it off with a cloth and blending as I went. The last 2 coats were polycrylic, applied with a foam brush. sanding in between coats until smooth.

Mariel said...

I love it! In fact, why don't you stop by "Or so she says..." and look into guest posting! My readers would LOVE you :)


Polo Chairs said...
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Yvonne Urra-Bazain said...

Your media console is beautiful. I happened upon this page doing a web search for white consoles with stained tops (since that is what we're working on this this weekend). Ours has a totally different look, but I hope it turns out even half as lovely as yours!

Hailey Bond said...

I love your cabinet! I plan to build one from Ana's plans but I also want to do cupboards instead of drawers. Quick question- did you buy the wood from a home improvement store like Home Depot? What did you use for the drawer fronts?

I really prefer to use all hardwood like you did… I want to be able to stain it and distress the edges like you did :)