Thursday, October 14, 2010

I left off with a trundle and the beginnings of a bed. We now have the finished project. Here is the headboard before the final paint job.

and, here it is all put together in the girls' room.

The Golfer did the building and I did the filling, sanding, priming, painting. We make a good team. I thought there would be arguing and stress. There really was none. The Golfer is already talking about building an entertainment center.

I wanted the head and footboards the same height so that when the bed is up against the wall like this, it feels like a daybed. I can just add some pillows along the wall to give it more of a daybed feel, or we can turn it the other way and it becomes a twin bed again.

The trundle fits nice and tight so no little limbs will be smashed in the night. I think we will end up getting a twin xl for the top mattress to fill in some of the extra space on both ends of the bed.
The girls both LOVE it! We've had no trouble transitioning from crib to big-girl bed. They're both so excited to crawl into their new beds every night.
She's a little scared of the height. . . which is great because she insists on sleeping on the trundle. Mission accomplished.

A huge shout out to Ana for her plans which can be found here. We LOVE our farmhouse bed!


Connie said...

Wow! I am impressed! Want to help me build one?

Glenda @ Magnolia Bend Drive said...

oh my goodness! This tops the puppet show. And, the pictures are beautiful. I want to come visit and sleep on the trundle with Miss Mo.

Anna said...

That turned out GREAT! Love their room too!