Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bowl Filler

I finally pulled myself together and filled this big empty jar that has been sitting on my counter since Thanksgiving. I used a tutorial by Vanessa @ V and Co that I purchased off of her etsy site. You really should check out her work, it's so fabulous!

The two largest are made from Vanessa's pattern. The medium and little ones are covered with jute and rope that I had around the house. The medium green one is covered with a crochet chain of fuzzy green yarn.


V and Co. said...

oh kayleen! i absolutely love them!!!
you did a fabulous job and the colors are divine! i'll link back to you when i post it! lovely!!!

Jo said...

these are awesome!!! :) i love the colors, great job!

rebecca said...

AHHH!!! Kayleen! How funny to have figured this out! YES!!! We were neighbors at Ricks and I bet if I dug through my old photos I'd find your wedding announcement! I totally remember you and I may be wrong but does your wedding ring have sapphires in it? You had shorter hair in college right?

So crazy! How did you figure out it was me?

I'd love to cathc up! email me at! I hope all is wonderful! Off to go discover more about you in your blog! Loved the balls!

trish said...

They look great! :o) I love the colors!
Sincerely ~ Trish

Suzanne said...

I do admire your balls. (hehe)
Seriously, they look really cute in that jar. You take some really great pictures!