Monday, October 5, 2009

Attention all Kindergarten Teachers

OH my goodness. My 5-year-old came off of the bus toting this cute little nest the other day. Attention all Kindergarten teachers: you need to make these in your classroom. They learned about recycling and then headed to the playground to find "lining" for their little bird nest. The nest is made of an old brown bag all wadded up. The little bird is made of a cottonball. Probaby the only thing in the nest that isn't recycled. She played with it all afternoon. I played with it a little too. Hey, sometimes you need a new photo model. . . one that doesn't talk back to you.


Lindsey @ Better After said...

Oh my gosh, how cute is that! Just came by to tell you that I featured your desk redo on my blog today! THanks so much!

jen said...

adorable! i am going to make it with my twin daughters here at home - they will love it!

Queen B. said...

cutest idea. ever.