Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Poster Frames

These photos have been hanging around the house for several years now. I've always wanted my favorites on display, but there were just so many. Pictures of all three kids as newborns and toddlers.

The other day my friend was cleaning out her office and had a pile of frames to send to goodwill. I offered to drive the load to goodwill for her if I could snatch a few to repurpose.

These poster frames were originally a cherry color. I painted each frame with some white that I already had. Then, I cropped my favorite 4x6 photos to 4x4 and lined them 5 across, 4 down. They fit perfectly. There is no glass in the frames, just plastic, but who can tell from a distance.


glenda said...

Hey Kayleen, I like this.. all of this..

Tommie said...

I might have to copy :)

Kayleen said...

Yay! go ahead and copy. . . that's what it's all about!