Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Finishing projects

I've been working on finishing a few projects. Painting is first on my list, but somehow finds it's way to the end of the list by mid morning. I only have a bit of edging to finish. I'm really loving the color. A touch of green undertone really took out the fleshy tones.

The golfer completed the chair rail in Tyler's room on Saturday and mitered the giant magnet board that is in the works. I can't say that I'm completely happy with the bedding, but Tyler really loves that green comforter, so for now, it stays. I sewed up these two little t-shirt pillows on Monday and he really likes those too. He's also been asking if he gets a letter on the wall like the girls, so I pulled together a "manly" version and here it hangs.

The girls' room has been done for a while now, but I never officially posted a picture, so here are the before's and after's:

First, it was a disaster

Then, it was the playroom

Now, it's pretty in pink, just the way the ladies would have it.

I also began the recovering of the kitchen chairs. ONE chair at a time. . . or else I end up with staplegun hand.

The kitchen WAY before:

And the kitchen as of today:

A chair that hasn't been recovered:

The chair that I finished last night

I love before's and after's. The lighter stripe really brightens the room. Don't laugh at the plastic coverings. . . . I do have 3 messy little ones.


Traci said...

I LOVE all the changes you have made. I couldn't believe the paint in your boys room, it is exactly like my boys! Tan on top, blue on bottom, and white chair rail in the middle. Great minds must think a like! :) I'm going to post a picture of their room on my blog in the future, but I have a few finishing touches as well.
The girls' room looks beautiful. I'm sure they enjoy their pink oasis. I have a table similar to your kitchen table, but all brown. After looking at your picture, I'm wondering if I should paint the legs black? I'm totally with you on the plastic seat covers. I have four boys and they get more food on their chairs than in their mouths!
Keep up the good work! I enjoy your blog.

Tommie said...

I actually like the green comforter. I think it offsets the blue. The girls room looks so dainty and pretty. I love that girls love pink! I cna't wait to see wwait else you are gonna cook up!!

Anna said...

I like your blog! thanks for visiting mine :) Your little girls room looks great, I love the pink and green combo, that is what we did in my daughter's room also

Jensen's est. 2005 said...

love your blog, i gave you an award! check out my blog.

The Gould's said...

...was just wishing I had thought to add a layer of plastic to the kitchen chairs! I too am doing it chair by chair, and my little guy keeps asking why he's been relegated to the remaining "old" chairs!